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Learn SuJok Acupressure @ Home

Home Study
Postal Diploma Course

                     - (

Su = Hand & Jok = Foot. Korean words relating to a therapy that employs hands and feet
as treatment areas for the whole body. Professor late Park, Jae Woo was a Korean scientist
and philosopher. He is the originator of  Su-Jok Therapy. Through his scientific works he has
developed a number of simple and effective systems of treatment, which have gained wide
acceptance among medical doctors, practitioners and the general public.


Su Jok Therapy is a relatively easy method to learn how to do to yourself. You do not need to learn where ech pressure point is located, once you learn the corresponding basic points on your body.
is a highly and preventive method of healing to use. It also does not have any side effects.

Su Jok Therapy is able to give you instant relief. If you are trying to heal spinal injury or other chronic problem, and this therapy is done on a regular basis, you will definitely feel the relief.
Just to name few - Self help drugless Therapy at home -
> Headache / Migraine
> Knee / Elbow / Wrist  - Joint pains
> Diabetes,
> Menstrual problem
> Constipation,
> Kidney problems
> Frozen Shoulder
> Thyroids
> Back Pain / Slip Disk / Spine..
> Asthma
> Insomnia
> Weight Loss
> Piles
> Fibroid / Fertility
> Heart problem
> Extra energy  for god health etc
This procedure is great because it is so available. Once you have learned it, it stays with you, allowing you to get amazing results that too with out ANY ill side effects.


SuJok Basic Diploma Course.

Course Syllabus:

    Meaning of SuJok therapy
    History & Development
    Main Correspondence Systems in hands and feet
    Standard System
    Insect System
    Secondary and Partial Correspondence Systems
    Principles of Treatment
    Locating therapeutic points with a diagnostic probe
    Treatment types (massage, moxibustion, seeds,needles)
    Basic Energy Treatment and use of moxa
    Basic Methods of Treatment on hands and feet:
    Diagnostic probes
    Magnets and Magnet stars
    Massage rings
    Seeds of plants (for external stimulation)
    Heat Treatment through Micro moxas
    Needling ; Utilizing special SuJok micro
    needles which are extremely fine and short
    Color therapy


Indian Government
   has recognized
Alternative Therapies
ACUPRESSURE and ACUPUNCTURE) as a " Mode of Therapy"
to be practiced by Registered Medical Practitioners or
trained personnel
(Order by Central Ministry of Health  dated  25th Nov.03)
Rules and
regulations laid down by the Indian Govt. will be applicable.


MONDIALE DE LA SANTE You may be pleased to learn that
WHO does give attention to ACUPRESSURE and ACUPUNCTURE
in its traditional medicine programme and a whole issue of

our monthly magazine (1980). World Health, was devoted to

                                 - Programme Manager,Traditional Medicine


Become a  Certified "SuJok ACUPRESSURE" Therapist.


To learn conventional acupressure it takes 20 to 25 days while learning SuJok therapy
takes only about 2-weeks.  One does not need to remember them. By applying
slight pressure the sensitive points can be found out.

Anyone can easily learn and practice it. So, prompt relief from pain is just a hand's
throw away. Go for it!  You can learn this modern medicine Acupressure therapy
at home
by postal correspondence course.
Learn 2 treat  or  Earn daily income part time.

The Diploma Course Fee is Indian Rs. 9, 500 [ Nine five zero zero], w.e.f. 01/04/2016
Following xerox copies required to submit, as resident proof,  for registration ,
so keep them handy

     [1]. Xerox of your Qualification (min - 10 std).   
[2].  Proof of residence, Students from outside India,          
            Passport copy for   residence proof accepted.
     [3]. Two (2)  recent PP size photos for  ID card
Your final Diploma certificate.    
     [4].  Xerox copy of your Birth Certificate

Completion of this Correspondence Course earns you -

"Diploma in SuJok Therapy ( D. SuJok )"

from ' Acupressure Training Treatment & Research Center' in India
( Regn No.162/JU 1996-97).
Members & Award winners WHO & 
Nations  - USO/RN95199/93.



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         3.  Contact telephone number
         4.  Active email address.


Once these details are received you would be advised then, where to send the fees &
receive your enrollment/ application form to join and start the this home study distance
learning course.

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